Zimbabwe Guide - Hints and Tips

This is going to be a quick read. I'll list a few things to look out for when coming to this lovely African Country.

Zimbabwe Guide Tips, Hints and Advisory.


When you buy goods using foreign currency, the United States Dollar, make sure that you either buy goods that go hand in hand with the money you have so that you will not need any change, or make sure that you have your own change.

To sum it up: In Zimbabwe, change is scarce make sure you come with a lot of 1 dollar and 5 dollar bills.


When watching movies, people panick when there is a power outage. Not in this country. That is pretty normal and it is pretty frustrating. Keep your devices charged and make sure you bring a power bank to keep your devices charged.

To sum it up: bring a powerbank, make sure your destination has a generator / solar backup power, and also make sure your devices are always charged.


There is a lot of advice I have to give you. First of all, never drink tap water. Either buy bottled water or drink water that comes from a borehole. secondly, make sure that the destination you are travelling to has a borehole. If it doesn't then buy a lot of 20 Litre buckets. It is hard to predict when water comes out of the tap and you can be left stranded quite easily.

To sum it up: don't drink tap water and make sure your destinationhas borehole water.


Bring US Cash. Forget about credit cards, debit cards and paypal. You can easily get stranded or ripped off when buying goods/services. Cash is king.

To sum it up: cash is king. Make sure you bring US dollar notes (and have a lot of 5 and 1 dollar bills).

Do We Use Dimes and Quarters?

No. The lowest US dollar denomination we use is 1 dollar.

More Zimbabwe Money Tips

We mainly use the US dollar. Convert all other currency to the US if you don't want to get any headaches. Most traders do not accept old bills. If you have the old 100 dollar bill (the one that has a portrait and doesn't have the blue 3D security ribbon), then immediately look for the newer version. Buy bond notes - Having about 50 US dollars worth of bond notes is a good idea. You will use these for change as well as for other instances where using the RTGS is incredibly hard and using the US dollar is incredibly inconvenient.

To sum it up: make sure you bring the US dollar , don't bring old hundred dollar bills the series 2009 going up is perfectly OK, and have 50 dollars worth of bond notes

Internet Connectivity

Our internet speeds on mobile devices are not too good. Don't expect out of this world performance when using mobile internet. If you want rock solid performance, look for a place that uses a fibre optic cable.

To sum it up: our internet speeds may not be as fast as you expect.


I hope this short, quick read has equipped you with the basic knowledge needed to have a good time in this country. For more detailed information, click the link below and buy my book.